Personal Projects


Started immediately after trying my working studio's Vive-Pre in March 2016, "The Enterprise Experience" (previously "The Constitution Class Experience") was built for one reason and one reason alone:  To finally see how big Captain Kirk's ship would have been in "real life."  Having experienced room scale VR in an environment I'd made for my job, how could I not make this project?

While the 3D modeling part of the project was comfortably in my wheelhouse, the rest required that I learn:

  • Unity3D
  • C#
  • PlayMaker
  • Mechanim

The result is a rather rudimentary spaceship simulator that finally allows people to fly around their favorite Star Trek starships.  I was happy to get the first version out the door in June of 2016, and pretty much expected the sim to die.

Imagine my surprise when:

Development is on-going, mostly because it's a terrific VR test bed, and also because it's just a blast to fly.


The THE ENTERPRISE EXPERIENCE is available to download a the following link: